Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is MS Paint Masterpieces?

A: It's a (sarcastic) term for stuff people make using the program MS Paint, which comes bundled with Windows. Also it is this sprite comic about Mega Man, which started as a comic on and is now here.
Q: Who are you?

A: What? I'm DisgruntledFerret. I'm a dude. I make sprite comics in my spare time. Who are YOU?
Q: How do I make a sprite comic?

A: You take sprites (those little guys from video games), paste them into a comic strip, and then make them say stuff. It's easier than drawing.
Q: What's up with Polka/Reset Man?

A: He's what they call a "fancharacter". He was not made by Capcom for the Mega Man series. I created him to spice up the story of Mega Man for the fun of it. I do stuff like that.
Q: No, no, that doesn't answer my question.

A: What question?
Q: Do you really only use Paint?

A: Except for saving to a .PNG filetype, yes.

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